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  As a national industrial policy to encourage the comprehensive utilization of resources enterprises, Chunhui environmental protection to domestic advanced environmental technology is committed to urban solid waste, sludge drying, biomass incineration power generation and other environmentally friendly renewable energy development, is the national key support industry, Shangyu District is also the focus of the development of circular economy units.
  The company focused on solid waste for the industrial development direction, has set up two major industrial platforms, of which the "municipal solid waste, biomass, sludge" centralized disposal and power generation and heating combined production of the core industry platform through years of careful Experienced, has become a model of comprehensive utilization of resources in Shangyu District, for the regional living garbage treatment, biomass, sludge comprehensive utilization to make outstanding contributions to the "dangerous solid waste (including agriculture and animal husbandry waste)" The growth of the growth of industrial platform is also the company's solid waste resources comprehensive utilization of industrial development an important part.